One of many VDI best practices is to optimize the default user profile or use an optimized mandatory profile. In this case we used an optimized default user profile, i.e. C:\Users\Default

When we logged on, we noticed we couldn’t right-click the Windows 10 Start Menu. This is the “Power User Menu” introduced in Windows 8, because Windows 8 didn’t have a normal Start Menu. The Power User Menu is also referred as the “Win-X” menu because it’s also accessed by pressing the Windows key + X.

After some troubleshooting and searching the internet I found out this problem was related to the optimized default user profile. It turned out the folder C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local was missing.
When we look at the Local folder inside a non-optimized default user profile, we see the following sub-directories. Especially the WinX folder is interesting.



By default, the WinX folder has a couple of subdirectories; Group1, Group2 and Group3.


In these folders all shortcuts for the WinX Start Menu are listed. Below is an example of the Group2 folder:


To conclude this, simply copying the Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX folder to the customized default user profile solved the problem!